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Friday, 13 February 2009

EPERNAY - 12.02.2009

This was the theatre where tonight we lived beautifull emotions:


Theatre Le Salmanazar


The room, for itself, is absolutely inspiring. It is an italian-like theatre with brilliant accoustics, and with such beauty that led us to dream.

The French public fills me with care and understands when we really put our soul into what we do.

Once again a thrilling evening. And because we are at the champagne's capital, we made a tost for one more night of Fado's success.

It will be difficult for us to forget what we received here. But tomorrow we lead to Brunoy...


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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

LIMOGES - 10.02.2009

Tonight I give you only a written image of what happened at the concert we had at Limoges, Centre Culturel Jean Gagnant.

A house full, sold out many days ago. A public waiting for what's new, and I was very calm, looking for intimism in each song, in each word I sang.

Many came for the second time, others came to see for themselves.

A couple that became friend of ours drove about 250 km to see our concert for the 6th or 7th time. Another friend came to the concert for the 4th time.

Who can explain what this music, Fado, makes to people that don't understand portuguese?---

That is why I end up singing "Lisboa" from Charles Aznavour in french. And "c'est la folie"...

All of this does so much good to those who feed their souls from other people's soul.


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Saturday, 7 February 2009

The concert at MONTBÉLIARD, 06/02/2009

Already at Morges, Switzerland, where we will perform tomorow, I offer you 2 photographs of yesterday's concert that ended with an euphorical reaction from the public.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009




Yesterday I started the tour in France  with a concert at the beautifull city of Bourges. After feeling the city, that spent the night beeing covered by the white snow, and after visiting its magnificent cathedral (one of the biggest of France), I went to the theatre, the Maison de la Culture, for rehearsal. The concert started at 20h30 and lasted for 1h56mn. The public was fabulous, very much receptive, and from the beggining made me feel at home. The house was full, the emotions were strong and the accustic helped my voice fly.

The repertory was based upon the new album FADO. The album has just been released in France. But the classics couldn't also be out of plan.

This tour is going to be something!

We are at this moment travelling to Montbéliard, the place of the next concert, that will take place in 2 days.

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